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Adapted from Moliere by Bill Irwin and Mark O'Donnell,
Directed by Timothy J. Amrhein

Moliere's comedic fable brims with colorful characters and merry mayhem, in a sparkling adaptation by noted clown, Bill Irwin. Scapin is the clever servant wh…

Produced by Matthew Katz
Directed by Timothy J. Amrhein
Musical Direction by Jonathan Quash
Music by Henry Krieger
Book & Lyrics by Tom Eyen

The iconic Tony-Award winning Broadway musical with music by Henry Krieger and lyrics by Tom Eyen…

no day but today...

Book, music, and lyrics by Jonatan Larson

Produced by Matthew Katz & the York College Performing Arts Center

Directed by Tim Amrhein
Musical direction by Jonathan Quash

Book by Jose Fernandez
Lyrics by Jacques Levy
Music by Steve Margoshes

Director, Timothy Amrhein
Music Director, Jonathan Quash
Choreographer, Jessica Morales

Take the first step to becoming a playwright and enter your One-Acy play. The top three entries will be produced and the audience chosen winner will receive a monetary award.

All entries must be submitted no later than November 23, 2005 to Room…

An evening of one-act comic jems exploring the pleasures and perversities of contemporary life. Warning: adult content. Thought that would interest you!

Set in 1929, this play tells the story of a family of cigar workers whose lives are changed by the arrival of a new lector. Special appearance and talk by playwright, Nilo Cruz, Friday October 17 at 4 PM.
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